How To Download?/Downloading Instructions

When downloading files inside an article on CTD, here are some things you'll need to know.

-Files are hosted on third-party servers, not on Blogger.

-All rights to files are held by their respective owners.

-Mega iPlus does not claim copyright to ANY of the items featured on this site unless stated. This includes Mega iPlus exclusives.

-Mega iPlus exclusives are items that were purchased using our own money. If you repost them, you have to credit us for purchasing it. If it is not labeled exclusive, then you do not have to.

-Some download hosts are slower than others. See the"For Faster Downloading" page.

-Access links are at the bottom of the article under the word "Here", or either behind the name of the host, so for example, if there is a post that has "PutLocker" beneath it, click on the word "PutLocker" and it will bring you to the access link.

If the link is in neither of those places, they are more than likely inside the image. (Click on the image and it redirects you to, then your download page.) This will be the case for all articles soon. We have 400 articles and counting, and i am working basically on my own, plus i'm in school, so it's gonna take a while. The reason we even decided to renovate the posts is because of the following reasons:

2. It's easier to just edit the html of the image rather than to setup links and hrefs individually.
3. The site users can view more posts per page.
4. In compliance to the new Mega iPlus 2.0 project. (Visit the tab on the top to see more.)

However, the renovation is still in effect and this information could change at any moment. For now, if the link is not in the image, it's still at the "Here" link. Some images don't have the href source link, so we left it as is. (August 19th, 2012 1:26 pm CST)

Specific Download Sites

Some hosts are more complicated to use than others. Here are some ones in question, if there are any more that you have trouble downloading from, just let me know.

- Supra/Cloudy files

1) Wait a few seconds for the small blue "Free Download" button to load
2) Click on that button once then quickly exit out of the redirect ad link if there is one then navigate back to the supra/cloudy link
3) Click the download button again then click on the "Create Download Link" text in the middle
4) Click on the long blue url and youre all set! 


Sometimes CTD will upload files to it's free Account. HulkShare is used to mainly download and share music from new and existing talents. Kind of like a Facebook or MySpace for Music. We use Hulkshare because it allows us a Huge amount of cloud storage (5 GB+) and downloading is very fast (Usually 550 kb/s and counting). However, since HulkShare is for music, when we upload archived files, it identifies it as another song. Same with 180Upload. It's for videos, so when we upload something other than a video, it doesn't recognize it for anything other than it's used to recognizing. So when going to the access link, It will say (FOR EXAMPLE, THIS WILL NOT ALWAYS HAPPEN) Listen to or John Doe - John Doe.rar. Then you click the green download button and it will ask you if you want to download regularly or if you want to download with the HulkShare client. This is your choice, but we recommend you just choose 'regular download'. It's faster, saves time, and you have your borrowed content in minutes, instead of hours. We'll try to use HulkShare as often as possible. If you cannot access HulkShare, or it says that the file is a "Private File", please leave a comment on this page or in the chat box, and we'll fix it ASAP.

When downloading from Free, since it is a French site, it does not recognize American computer systems. It will ask to enter captcha, but there is a section beneath it (I believe it says 'validate telecharger le fichier' which i believe is french for 'validate to download the file') and click on those words. When you do, the file will begin downloading immediately.


When downloading from MixtureCloud, just go to "Download Free", and then it will take you to watch a 60 minute video. Afterward, it will give you the same two downloading options. Click "Download Free" again, and you will be downloading the file directly at 400+kb/s. It works for you and me, because uploading, despite my internet speed, is super fast.


SkyDrive is a product by Microsoft, and is available exclusively to those who have Microsoft Live ID's. (Usually included with a Hotmail or Outlook email provision.) It's a personal storage cloud, but you are allowed to give people permission to borrow files from it. Downloading is super fast, and it's easy for me to upload files to the Drive. And, plus, with music videos (singles only) you can watch the video straight from SkyDrive (Flash 9.0 or higher required) without downloading them. These are only for posts after February 9th, or older music videos that have been re-uploaded. Here is how to download from Sky Drive.

1. Right click the item.
2. Select "Download" from the drop-down menu.
3. Begin downloading!

For Music and other Videos:

1. If you wish to watch, click play.
2.If you wish to download, go to the top left-hand sidebar and click "Download".
3. Begin downloading!