What is the purpose of this blog?

To allow people to use content temporarily for personal or educational usage without having to pay for it first.

Do you comply with DMCA/SOPA/PIPA?

We don't agree with it, but we follow it strictly, in order to protect the copyrights of artists and to prevent our site from being shut down.

A file on your site is infringing of my copyright. How to i request for it to be removed and how will i know?

Send an email to dn.vrtt@gmail.com stating your name, record label, and content on this site which is infringing. It will be removed within 24 hours. The way to tell is when a person clicks the "Here" link, instead of going to the file, it will go to a tinypaste.com link stating that the file has been removed, or it will say <file has been removed> instead of the access link. However, the post will not be removed.

How to use files?

Just click the "Here" button at the bottom, It will take you to adf.ly, and after clicking "Skip Ad", you will go to the file.

How long do i have to use the file?

You have 24-48 hours to use the file. DO NOT keep the file if it is not yours. Please purchase the file like we did from a trusted source. Do not use the file on ANY other website.

Where do these files come from?

All files on CTD have been purchased by us from iTunes, Amazon or a CD Store unless stated otherwise. We will acknowledge if we use another person's purchased copy.

How do i request an item; how will i know when it's posted?

Click on the "Leave Requests Here" page, and leave a comment. Comments do not require approval and i am notified each time a comment is made, so i can keep track of requests. Be sure to subscribe to the blog to know when items are posted, also the forum is a great spot to find out things as well.

What is the iCommunity, and what is it's purpose?

The iCommunity is a registered trademark of Yea Boi Productions' Mega iPlus and it is a group of blogs that revolve around the same topic. Compare it to New York City and the boroughs. There is the mainland of NYC and then there is Long Island's Manhattan, Bronx, Brooklyn, etc. The mainland is considered to be Mega iPlus, the biggest site and the founding site. Maybe Manhattan could be compared to iPlus Videos, a site with only iTunes Plus videos and the only site in the iCommunity (except Mega iPlus) with iTunes Plus Videos. Since the iCommunity was established in September 2012, all items will be in specific categories on specific sites. For details, visit iplusindex.blogspot.com you can also subscribe to each one of the sites.

Do i have to become a member to have my requests fulfilled?

Yes, absolutely. It's 100% free and takes less than one minute.

My question isn't on here. How do i ask?

Same thing. Leave any questions in the chat box.