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Tess Presents The Discography of Fifth Harmony [iTunes Plus M4A] (Videos Coming Soon)

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Another gift from Tess. Be sure to thank her, guys! Some of these posts were old ones that were from GDrive/Dropbox, most of them are new, so I'm sure every dead Fifth Harmony link has now been fixed. The videos are on their way! Thanks, Tess!

Fifth Harmony – 7/27 (Deluxe) https://dbr.ee/c13f
Fifth Harmony – 7/27 (Deluxe) Clean https://dbr.ee/Ur8h
Fifth Harmony – Fifth Harmony (Clean) https://dbr.ee/AzR9
Fifth Harmony – All I Want for Christmas is You https://dbr.ee/b0tY
Fifth Harmony – Noche De Paz https://dbr.ee/YTbc
Fifth Harmony – He Like That (French Montana Remix) https://dbr.ee/y3gO
Fifth Harmony – Im In Love With a Monster https://dbr.ee/Xm3J
Fifth Harmony – Miss Movin' On https://dbr.ee/sPJV
Fifth Harmony – Can You See https://dbr.ee/E5Uh
Fifth Harmony – Worth It (Dame Esta Noche) [feat. Kid Ink] https://dbr.ee/owyP
Fifth Harmony – Worth It (feat. Kid Ink) https://dbr.ee/MMzO
Fifth Harmony & Pitbull – Por Favor (Spanglish Version) https://dbr.ee/Oz3L
Pitbull & Fifth Harmony – Por Favor https://dbr.ee/bJl2
Fifth Harmony – That’s My Girl (Remixes) https://dbr.ee/0WM3
Fifth Harmony – Reflection (Deluxe) https://dbr.ee/RqtT
Fifth Harmony – Juntos (Acoustic) – EP https://dbr.ee/UuMw
Fifth Harmony – Juntos – EP https://dbr.ee/yoeo
Fifth Harmony – Fifth Harmony https://dbr.ee/wC7r
Fifth Harmony – Better Together – The Remixes – EP https://dbr.ee/g3kx
Fifth Harmony – Better Together – EP https://dbr.ee/I0TQ
Fifth Harmony – Better Together – Acoustic – EP https://dbr.ee/m3Aa
Fifth Harmony – 7/27 (Standard Version) https://dbr.ee/uDUu


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