All Links Dead. But, Still, There Is Hope

Google Drive is finished.
Dropbox is finished.
Scotty's OneDrive is out of the question: he needs the files on there.

We have moved on.

The new sites we will use to store our files are:

Amazon Cloud Drive

Also, we know other posts from back in the day currently don't work.

So, that means about 90% of the links here are down.

Now, that being said, we have a lot of work to do.

For posts made before October 2015, those are on the EHD which will be fixed early next year.

For posts made from October 2015 to today, we will be re-uploading them over the course of four weeks.

From now on, if you encounter a dead link, please go here: AND HERE ONLY!!!! All comments made elsewhere regarding re-uploads will be ignored.

Please understand the only two people actively participating in this site's maintenance is myself and Scotty. We are actively in school and have personal lives so we don't have time to do this all day.

That being said, please be patient.

We are fixing the problem as we speak.

-The Mega iPlus Team

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  2. Sorry suggested ADRIVE but they dont do their free 50GB account anymore and my email addy I used their says unknown user (which is weird) cos I still get emails from them!

  3. although considering your external hard drive problem OJ maybe this will help in the future also? free 100gb online storage Degoo only thing is you can not create a sharing facility but least you would have a secondary back up..... sorry just trying to help a nice blog out :)

  4. I cannot download it says

    Error (429)
    This link is temporarily disabled. The person who shared it hit their daily limit of traffic or downloads. Learn about traffic limits.

    1. I know... a lot of the links say that. Which one did you need?

    2. William Singe - Rush - Single [iTunes M4A]

  5. Is Trina Diamond Princess Fixed?


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