As you know, OneDrive, Dropbox and Google Drive have been giving us mega problems lately and we will no longer use either of them. We will be switching to either Amazon Drive, MEGA, or something else but I know that a lot of links are down. Please be patient as we are replacing them as you're reading this. Dropbox links were disabled (due to just one file, which is TOTAL BULLSHIT) should be coming back, but if another link gets reported, then that's it. The fight is over. We will nonetheless be backing up our files to many places so we'll always be prepared. One thing's for sure though.

We won't be stopped.

What we're doing is simply trading and sharing and nothing more. We're not promoting piracy or anything like that. There are hundreds of sites that are. So DMCA, fuck off. Go pick on someone else.

In the meantime, you guys, our beloved loyal visitors and fans, have requests and we see them. Let's hope Lisa wins the lottery so she can help fulfill them! She's seriously playing.

In the meantime, leave all re-upload requests here: