So you noticed the whole 523 or 423 error about the too much traffic... that's bullshit. There was a single link that got reported and Dropbox decided to disable all my public links for my entire account. So, to prevent losing all my data, I've synced it to my EHD (not the one that still needs repair) and I will be opening an Amazon Drive account for the site soon.

I spoke with support and the Dropbox links should be back up soon, but just know that if anything else gets reported, then they'll be shut down again. From now on, future site posts will be made from the Amazon Drive. If something happens and the Dropbox goes down period, then at least I'll have a backup of all the site files (and my personal files) so it's no real loss. I've cancelled my subscription. Amazon is much cheaper anyways. I might even consider MEGA (which is free) as well. No worries. This is just a temporary setback... like I said THIS SITE STILL STANDS. My staff and I have worked too hard and too long for us to be shut down by Google Drive or Dropbox. To hell with both of them. I hated paying $120/year anyway.

So, that being said, all is well. Just be patient.

Also, as a sidenote, Lisa has been playing the lottery, and she says that when she wins (yes, she said when: she has a lot of faith), she'll bless this site the likes of which no other blog has ever seen. So send good vibes her way!

-OJ & The Mega iPlus Team