This is the message I received from OJ, who hasn't been active on the site for more than a month but complains to me about not being active.

I've given my heart and soul to this site. This was MY idea. OJ and I started this in June 2012 with the idea of sharing our collection with the world. He wanted to make it a paid site like Musicya, Mr. Young, iPlus Collector, etc. but our viewers had to convince him not to because I couldn't. Now he's turned it into a trading service and complains that he's spending too much money. This is HIS choice.. don't think for one second this is some type of obligation for him. I made the CHOICE to step away because I felt there are more important things in life than fooling around, wasting thousands of dollars and hours of upload time for people who don't even care whether you lived or died.

That being said, I am apparently dispensable to him and he feels he has the right to oust me out. So, Mega iPlus, that being said, after four and a half years of service as leader, I, Diana Marie Cole, known to some as Dianne Maria Louisianna, am resigning and OJ is now the leader and president. He can make J Smoove and Lollipop admins, change the format, start posting porn... I DON'T CARE. He thinks he's the only one with a personal life. Let's not forget... he wasn't the one who lost his only brother. He'll never understand the pain of that. Most of the site's posts have been made by ME. Look back in the archives. I've done more for this site than Lastkings, Mars, Geordie, Lisa, J Smoove, or anyone else could EVER do. I worked my ass off building and maintaining it. I paid for the domain renewal initially, and when OJ took over, his negligence caused the .net domain to expire. We lost thousands of visitors due to that. We may have very well hit more than a million by now. Maybe I won't be here to see it, but, nonetheless, I'm tired of being disrespected and treated like some temporary employee. It's not even that serious. We'll see how you do, OJ, when you have to take over all those dead links. HUNDREDS. I'm not doing a damn thing. I was even going to help with the hard drive, but now, you can go to hell. Rename the site, too, because Mega iPlus was MY name idea. The original site name was Chi-Town Downloads, his idea. See? Corny and ridiculous. I was the visionary for this site and mostly responsible for bringing help to it and its design. So, you want to kick me off, go right ahead. You don't have to de-admin me, you asshole. I'll do it myself.

I wish nothing but good luck to all of you.