Aaliyah - iTunes Discography (1993 - 2005) [M4A + M4V]

My favorite female R&B artist. I've heard 97% of all her recordings, old and new. Be sure to sign her petition on the right, too!


Age Ain't Nothing But A Number
Back And Forth - EP
One In A Million (Bonus Track Version)
Aaliyah (Japan Version)
Ultimate Aaliyah (Re-Issue)


The iTunes m4v music videos to Age Ain't Nothing But A Number and (At Your Best) You Are Love, which were purchased by me and are ONLY AVAILABLE HERE! These were the only Aaliyah videos available on the US Store. I'll investigate other stores to see if they have more.

NOTE: I have I Care 4 U, but it's mp3. All of the tracks available on that album are available on the other albums posted.

AMAZINGLY, with the exception of her debut album, almost NONE of Aaliyah's catalogue is available on iTunes OR Spotify! Her videos are missing, too! This is such a shame, but luckily I have connections to people who bought the items before they were removed. They are available on the Hong Kong store, but not her native US store. It doesn't matter because the music is in our hearts, so it doesn't matter if it's on iTunes. Long live Babygirl.

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