Which Is The Best?

NOTE: This post was not actually published on March 7, 2014.
Lately, we have been using mirror-upload services for our files that we share with you. We know uploading to a single host can be frustrating because, if ti dies, it can't be re-uploaded right away. OJ, Diana, and I have lots of stuff to give but sometimes it gets a bit out of hand when we have to constantly monitor and re-upload files that should be around for a while. Sometimes DMCA doesn't realize we only share because we care! Anyway, to prevent from links always dying so quickly, we have decided to only use mirror-uploaders from now on. Doing so, we have decided to run a poll. We will be uploading files to five different mirror uploaders. Your job as iTunes Plus music fans is to vote on the poll, which will expand over the course of one month. Over the next month, even if you don't necessarily want to download the file, do us a favor and just click the link (you don't have to download it to your computer) and look for the following things:

1. Variety of file hosts
2. Survival of links
3. Upload Success
4. Direct downloading (If possible)
5. Site Speed
6. Comfortableness
7. Style
8. User-friendliness

These tests will determine how reliable the site is. Generally rate it on a scale from 1 to 10. 1 being "WTF? why even bother?", and 10 being "I would upload my children to this site if I could!" Here are the six sites in running:


We will be uploading to these six sites along with embed upload, as this is our default site. We will label the posts that are a part of our experiment. This post along with a poll will be on the top of the website from now until December 11th. Please vote! You will help make the site a better place for everyone!


Which mirror service offers the overall best download experience?
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