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The Revival

Note: This was not actually published on March 7, 2014.

Alright, no more fooling around.

Since I have proven to be useless in updating the blog due to my busy life and since Diana or any of the 10 authors here have taken NO initiative to help, I have decided that I am going to hire a friend of mine to take over the blog.
Her name is Lisa. She has a lot of music, but the thing is. most of it isn't iTunes music, which is why, against my will and prior judgement, we will begin to include sharing of mp3 material on here.

Now I KNOW this is not what Mega iPlus stands for, but, at this point, if this blog sees any future, Lisa is our only hope. I can no longer support this website the way I used to. I can't operate, manage, pay for, and post for this blog. I can only do one or the other: frontline or background. And, in my opinion, background is easier for me. I will keep the site running behind the scenes. and Lisa is going to post and keep it alive.


I will reupload files people need. I can't do it all but I will try. Lisa CANNOT reupload files so please don't ask her; ask me.


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