OJ Is Checking out, Lisa is Checking in

Note: This post was not actually published on March 7, 2014.

Hello, my dearest Mega iPlus.

I have been contemplating this for quite some time now, and I have decided to make the best decision for me. I have decided to step back from the website to focus on school and my music career. This means I will no longer be posting on the blog anymore (at least not REGULARLY) as you all may have probably guessed. I'm sorry: I simply just do not have time. However, Lisa will be making posts and keeping the website alive (I hope).

I have been managing this site alongside Diana for 2 years, and we've established a reputation for being one of the top sites in the business. However, times change and people change. We may not be on top anymore, but we'll go down in history as one of the sites that broke a lot of barriers and helped a lot of people.

I have started my own music blog (for my own music) and hulkshare page. I'll be uploading music there and I encourage everyone to listen to and support my music. I appreciate everyone who makes comments, shares, and likes.

In conclusion, I want to thank Diana and everyone else for allowing me to be a leader on this site, but now I must put more pressing matters at hand. I have several projects in history and biology worth big grades, I am currently in a bike club and an afterschool club, I am in the process of moving, and I have a music career to manage. Now, don't get me wrong, during times like holidays and when I have spare time, I'll get things and upload to the blog, but for an everyday or every other day thing, I can't support it.

I hope you all understand or at least try to.