I'm Back, Too! But Don't Let The Green Grass Fool You....

Hello, everyone!

This is Dianne, the founder of the blog along with OJ. It's my job to run it but, as you all know, I've been having family and emotional troubles. My son is readying up for college, and I'll be alone here at home. However, I'll still have plenty of other things to do to keep myself occupied :).

OJ did contact me and tell me that there's some bad news. His cable company contacted him and informed him of a case of copyright infringement. This was something unrelated to the blog that he downloaded, but it still may affect the site, so that means that things will be slowing down a bit online. The site WILL NOT be closing down, but until OJ gives the clear, updates won't be too frequent because what we do NOT want is for OJ to lose his computer privleges. If that happens, then the site will for sure go dormant for a very long period of time, which we cannot afford due to the fact that the site already went dormant for almost 3 months. When a site doesn't update for a while, traffic stops. Surprisingly, for us, however, when we don't update, traffic GROWS and lately has been staying stable. Still, I want to keep updates fresh, but I don't want to if it could mean the end of OJ's internet or the blog.

For now, I'm going to redo the theme, because, to be honest, besides the cool stuff with the scroll downs, it's dark and bleak, and I want my site to be lively. Not too "fruity", and lastkings used to call it, but I still want ti to be attractive.

Speaking of Kings, he does not work here anymore. He didn't let OJ, myself, or anyone know, but he's not posting, and his posts all come up under the name "Unknown". I just want to take this moment to thank Kings for all of his work on the blog. If you have something to say about kings (something POSITIVE, thanks Marcie) leave a comment in the cbox (which is back!) or in the comments section.

Lately, I've been noticing a lot of spam in the comments. I know, you're thinking WELL, DUH! but lately it's just been getting outrageous. 95% of our comment volume consists of spam. That's over 3,000 comments across 859 posts. It's a shame. The spam has more than tripled, with on average 45 - 55 spam comments every day for the past 200 days. Do the math. I don't know if it's real or fake, so if I see Anonymous, which all the spam comments are labeled under, I automatically assume it's spam, but sometimes Anonymous users have genuine comments. It's not fair for people who need help to be put on the auto do-not-give-a-damn list for whatever virus or person is doing this. I'll give it another week, and if the spam continues, then comments will just have to be removed. I don't want to do that, but I will if it continues the way it has been. I know it's not the viewers, but I do know it must stop, Me getting 50 emails a day due to notifications of bogus comments is a hamper on my productivity. So, who or whatever it is, please stop.

I'll be around more if you need me, so don't be afraid to mail me with what you need! :)