BREAKING NEWS: Hotfile, One of the greatest file-sharing sites of all time, dies at 7, Leaves significant impact on millions of fans worldwide.


Hotfile was a one-click file hosting website founded by Hotfile Corp in 2006 in Panama CityPanama. On December 4th, 2013, Hotfile ceased all operations, same day as signing a $80 million settlement with theMotion Picture Association of America (MPAA).

The current site detail.

Personal views on Hotfile:

In my opinion, was and always will be one of the greatest file-sharing sites of all time. To be gone so suddenly is a big shock to me. Myself, I will miss hotfile and all it has done for me and every one of my fans and associates. RIP, you will be dearly missed, and you will always have your place in the File Sharing hall of fame. Hotfile was one of the 6 original file-sharing sites dubbed the "Scandalous Seven". Hotfile shared its place in the leader position from 2008 up until its death just 20 days ago along with Rapidshare, the late Mega Upload, Mediafire, DepositFiles, 4Shared, and the late FileSonic. Other greats who were nominated for this honor are the lates Wupload and FileServe, Zippyshare, FileFactory, and 2Shared. In a time where people mostly rely on Dropbox, Vk, Google Drive, and Multiupload Services for reliable file sharing, it is always good to remember the originals.

What this means for Mega iPlus:

The obvious: all files that were shared via Hotfile are now gone.

The solution: leave a message in the cbox if there is a file that was available via HOTFILE ONLY that is no longer available. We'll get it back ASAP.

In other terms, keep the faith and let's hope none of our other greats leave us too soon.