UK Account Is Live!

At long last-- Mega iPlus finally has a UK iTunes account! I'm so happy that we were finally able to make it happen! Right now, I only have a little money in the account, but it's for damn sure better than nothing! Kelly, your wait for the Ciara video is over! I bought it yesterday and I'm uploading it now. Also, I'm going to start labeling posts, as I said before, that are UK exclusives. Of course, UK exclusives are Mega iPlus exclusives, so that's basically a given. Marcie, aka Mars, referred me to a great website in setting up the account. I couldn't have done it without her, so be sure to say thanks to her when you get the chance. I'll be putting a lot more money on the UK account very soon. In fact, as soon as I get it, that's what I'm going to do. Bills and food still come first, but...

I'm really excited about finally adding our second branch, and you all will be, too, because items in the UK are NOT available to buy in the US, and vice versa. 

Thanks everyone for staying loyal to Mega iPlus!