Good News From Diana!

Hey everyone, it's OJ. Just a quick note of good news to everyone. Diana emailed me today and told me she found one of her two lost flash drives. The flash drive has lots of old stuff from Mega iPlus (Emeli Sande, TLC, Donna Summer, Rye Rye, etc.). The other flash drive (Black Lexar 32GB) has things like the Black Album and Chronic 2001. She's still looking for that one when she's not grieving about the loss of her brother. In that regard, she also told me she's recovering from it slowly but surely. She will never "get over it", but she is gradually coming back to the point where she can post and be at least partially active on the blog. I hope she'll one day reclaim her place as administrator on this blog. It wouldn't be as successful as it is today without her. I hope you all will pray for her and her recovery. Thanks to all of you who have sent emails of condolence and encouragement. She and I both appreciate it a lot.