I Understand I've Been Gone Awhile.

Hello, everyone. I may only be around for a short while, but, while i am, i want to express a couple things to you all.

Apparently, my brother's death has devastated the site by interstitial means. I couldn't control his loss nor can i the way i feel about it. It's the kind of thing that really catches you off guard and take you away  from everything else. The website without me did well for a while, then, it seems like all was lost. It's been almost a month since a post has been made, the outlining and designs are out of date, none of the coming soon albums have been posted, nor has the list been updated, and the site rank dropped down from 2,650,978 to 3,410,093. Obviously, this happened since I last came on the check the site, which was 10 days ago. The top 30 list of music blogs held our place at #12 for five months before recently dropping to #16. Now, we're at the very bottom, and that is something i will not stand for.

I and everyone else here have put in too much hard work for this site to fail; and, believe me, I'm not talking to the viewers: it's not their fault the quality of this site has plummeted. I'm talking to our staff. I just recently saw an email from Marcie stating she would "make me proud". Quite frankly, I'm very disappointed in what i've seen returning. I expected at least fifteen posts. Instead, i saw zero. There are eleven employees here, five of which are at least 50% active. If the five of you can commit to just five posts a week, that would be 25 total a week, 100 a month. If i come back, i'll fill in the void: Me and OJ can post 15-20 posts a day as long as we have the content, which shouldn't be a problem: or at least i hope not.

Yesterday, i got another disappointing email from OJ stating that he'd the funds to buy new material all along, but he'd chosen to blow half of them on the App Store. I understand he needs to take some of his money to pleasure himself, but we came to an understanding that we would devote at least 20% of our funds to the site. In fifteen days, the money for the domain is due. I don't have a ton of money, but I always make time to help the blog. I expect the same from my workers.

Please don't think I'm being strict with you, because I am not. I only wan you all to know that this website means a lot to me, and, if it means a lot to you, then you all better start acting like it. If you all aren't interested in working for the blog anymore, then i respect that decision and you can choose to remove yourself or go inactive, but don't be on the blog, say you're going to do "wonders" for it and then totally leave it in the dirt. I don't appreciate it and neither do the viewers. Please respect my wishes.

Be back soon,