Good News On International Purchases!

So, for those who don't know, the flag above is a UK flag. And that can only mean one thing: UK iTunes! I know you all were probably disappointed with the close of Teardrop Motel and SoulPunk, the only blogs where you could find content from iTunes stores all over the world. Remember last year when we promised iTunes UK and CH stores? Well, CH is still currently unavailable, but UK now is! I've figured out a way to get iTunes UK gift cards. Pound Sterlings are quite pricey compared to US Dollars, because Pounds are worth a hell of a lot more than Dollars. One dollar is $1.53 in Pounds. This being true is the reason why I paid 28 bucks just to get a 15 dollar UK gift card.

Yeah, it sucks, but anyway: I'm gonna set up an account and put the fifteen dollars in. It may take about three days for everything to set up, but, past that point, it should be okay. Don't go flocking in with requests because it's only 15 bucks. More money, more store credit. Plan 'n' simple.

Marcie is helping me set up the account, so be sure to thank her as well.

I'll also label it as a UK item, just so you'll know.