Mega iPlus IMPORTANT NEWS: Mp3's

Hey y'all, it's OJ.

I see y'all like the image I put up there! Yeah, well, I like it, too. Speaking of I like it, I bought some rare remixes of that song. Ya know, by Sevyn Streeter? Yeah, I'm gonna post those real soon, as well as edit the CS list. What y'all think about me putting Sevyn as the new background? I found a nice pic of her; let me know what y'all think.

Yep, it's 'bout that time to start discussin' Mp3's. I know, the reason why Mp3 blogs outnumber iBlogs ten to one (actual fact) is because m4a is exclusive, expensive  high quality, expensive, large in size, expensive, and, did I mention they were kind of expensive?

Mp3 and FLAC are the original digital music formats; .wmv, .flv, and .mov are the orginal movie formats; .pdf is the original ebook format; and LP's and digital TV shows, movies, and apps was basically unheard of until iTunes came along. Of course, there always were and always will be the DVD rips, but plain HQ/HD content straight from the source? Virus free? Man, people ten years ago would have thought that was only possible in heaven; but, now, look at all of the iTunes blogs there are. I can name ten right off the bat, and I discover new ones almost every day. However, there are still way more Mp3 and FLAC sites than there are iTunes. If you want to open an iTunes blog with genuine purchased material, you gotta have either: A, a lot of money; B, someone you know with a lot of it; or, C, a library with material already on it that you have already gotten from elsewhere. The point of it all is: people want to get over. They want to get as much as they can for as little as possible. A person may have about $10,000 worth of material, only paying roughly $200 for it. I know, myself, for one, and I'm just being honest, about maybe 35% of the content in my iTunes library is purchased using my own funds or donated funds. The other 65 is straight bootleg or borrowed. Do you really think I have the $$ to buy 15,000 songs when I have rent, a girlfriend, a car, and a life to live? No sir-ee bob. Times are tough, yo, and, just in case you haven't noticed, the struggle is real, and it will be real until Obama decides to do something for black people and stop hiding under the bushes.

OK, I'm off topic, but, the point of this post is, I'm going to begin to be adding Mp3's on the site. Only A FEW rare items that are otherwise unavailable on iTunes, or, songs that come in packages that are otherwise unavailable. However, 98% of everything on here will remain genuine iTunes Plus. Have a question about what iTunes is? Go to the "What Is Untouched" page on the refrences tab on the right. Or, there's an app for that.