Mega iPlus IMPORTANT NEWS: Cbox Edits & Jamxclusive

Hello all, this is OJ, vice president of Mega iPlus.

A very important change to the site was made a few minutes ago and it will affect site communications, so listen.

I just purchased a Premium Cbox for the site. For those who do not know what the cbox is, it is the Chat Box where you enter the messages. For a long time, we've been operating on a basic chat box, because we figured it's all we'd need, but now, we see that can not happen.

Jamxclusive's site has been repeatedly posting continual spam messages in the chat box about their site. Diana made it perfectly clear that the advertisement of other blogs is OKAY, but when it comes to 6-7 messages on a continual basis: that is just ridiculous and uncalled for. So, therefore, Jamxclusive and all of their affiliates have been banned from posting in the Cbox. And, believe me: you won't be posting again, because not only have I deleted your messages and your usernames, I have banned each and every one of your IP's. Want to challenge that? Bring it on.

Anyway, with the adding of premium, the cbox has a more advanced interface. By advanced, I mean complex. So, here's the deal: you do not have to register to post in the cbox, but you can register if you wish. IT IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED THAT YOU REGISTER TO PREVENT IDENTITY THEFT.

Also, there is protection against registered users to prevent their names from being stolen, so, it's best to register. All you need is a password: your username is your initial chat name, but just note it can not be "Anon" or "Anonymous", and there is NO EMAIL VERIFICATION REQUIRED. It may prompt you to add your email or website, as it always has, but that is optional and do not feel obligated to do so.

Also, when adding images, the image will now show up right away, so please be sure that the image contains no DIRECT nudity, nothing against religion, sex, or sexual orientation, or anything else of the matter. Also, nothing vile as your username or in the chatbox. Profanity filters are still in place and always will be.

In addition, if you become an author/site employee, you automatically get a username and password to the cbox, to prevent other users from impersonating your authority. You all are MODERATORS, and NOT admins, so please do not expect full power over the cbox, and, no matter what, I will always be the captain over the cbox, because I have to pay, operate, and manage it. Even Diana does not have that power. All of your usernames and password will be sent to you. These authorities have been granted to the following:

Doc Dre
Diana (of course)
K. Proof 

Let me know if you have any issues logging in.