Important Information from Marcie

Hey! Since I have become admin, I've made a few changes, well a LOT of changes :) but ik OJ won't mind. He'll luv it when he comes back :)

I had to change it from that pic of LoLa Monroe because it was gettin on my nerves and every1 else's nerves. So i changed it to a pic of me :) Like it?

But anyway, ik I'm supposed 2 be postin' but I just had to make a few changes to the template. And ha I bet y'all thought I wouldn't know what I was doing when I changed stuff around, rite? Well, get this: I'm actually very talented and I used to work at my friend old blog until she closed it down. I took some lessons on editing and design. My genius plus my creative design plus my ambition is a #triplethreat!!!!

Look out world, 'cause here I come!

Anyway, the most important thing is the Chat Box. 

The Chat box won't work properly on Google Chrome. It won't allow you to see the bottom typin' part and the logins and smiley faces, n plus if u have an antivirus it for real won't work.

It is recommended to use #IE10 for top chat box performace. If you can not see the buttons then that iss your fault but the buttons are in this order from left to rite: "help", "smilies", "profile (log in)".