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I'm Admin, Now!

That's ritee. Getintune.

Although it is very sad that Diana and OJ cannot be on the site with me, I got an email from fam this mornin' n he said he trusts me and wants me to be admin on mega iplus... :)

I was so, so happy and even though I may not do that much, I'll do more than enough. #nomoreemprypromises

XOXOXO Kisses n hugs 2 everyone and gett ready to turnn upp :)

And I know I shouldn't, but...

It's Marcie, Baby!


  1. Oh, dear. And yet another person who doesn't know what they're doing in a postion of power.

    Diana or OJ or somebody better put out the big light and take some of all these nincompoops off of this site. I can see this site going down: it used to be a great well ran site when it was just Diana. Then OJ had to come along and ruin it all with that picture of that slut in the background, then these other fools who don't know what they're doing come in and post frivelous, non-related items that distract viewers from getting what they want, and now this.

    I hope this site recovers soon, because I miss the old Mega iPlus and I hope that it returns to the great iTunes blog it used to be.

    1. Well, sir, you certainly have a very strong opinion about what the site should be like for someone who has absolutely nothing to do with its management or well-being.

      So, I have to admit i was quite surprised when I saw Marcie's face plastered on the back of the blog, and I was also surprised that both my template and design are now both gone: I will talk to her about that, but, otherwise, I think she has done well for the site, especially considering the fact that nobody else is immediately available to work. I appreciate Marcie and she will, in fact, stay on the site and remain admin as long as she helps the site and continues to do her part. I know, maybe her face and the other no-related posts have to go, but, other than that, she's fine.

      Second: LoLa Monroe is everything BUT a slut. In my opinion, regardless of her lesbianism, she is one of the hottest chicks in the game in more ways that one. I admit, sometimes i search through her and Trina's pictures on GI and they make me feel, well, you know. I do not think I ruined it.

      Third: Diana has suffered a family tragedy, and when Di suffers, I suffer too. Her family is a part of mine, and it is selfish to ask of us to be on the site 24/7 when this has happened. Read this post: http://www.megaiplus.net/2013/05/after-so-longmy-decision.html and you'll see what happened.

      Fourth: This blog was, is, and always will be a great iTunes blog. It may not be one of the mag blogs with a million authors (yet), but I love it and I love how it's going. I appreciate each and every person on it, but I do not appreciate ingrates like you. Please appreciate the website for what it is and what it will become. Thank you.


  2. Well, this certainly is quite the sight to see after being gone for two months! Maaarrrciiieeeeee!!!!!!


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