After So Long.../My Decision

Hello all.

I have recently experienced a family tragedy involving my brother Richard Cole. On April 3rd, my brother and I were having a conversation on the phone. The phone battery cut off in the middle of the conversation, and, by the time i hooked it up to the charger, my brother had already turned his phone off and left, but he left me a message: "call me back soon, Di! Love you". I expected to hear from him later since his phone was off, but i didn't hear from him. And now, I never will again. I got a call at 6:51 pm; i thought it was Rick, but it was not. It was actually my cousin Marvin, who called to tell me that there had been a fatal accident on the route 94. I looked to see if it had anything to do with Rick, and, sure enough, from the moment i saw that motorcycle, i knew it was him. They didn't even have to tell me. Rick was pronounced dead at 8:00 pm, the exact time i expected him to call me back, or at least have his phone on to contact me. The last moments of his life seemed to be the most precious, but it all faded away. The website, my work, my other friends, were all put on the backburner, and all i had to do was grieve. So sad, but so true. I loved Rick. He was my younger brother, and only brother, my confidant, guide, and best friend. He always used to make me feel better when i would have difficulty, with the site, regular life; anything. I feel so terrible having to write this to you, but it seems that, right now, i have to recuperate before i can even think about going back to the blog at all. I still may check in every now and then, but as far as being a one woman band running this blog alone, and having to deal with funerals, wills, travels, and various other affairs, i can no longer do that. 

That being said, i pronounce OJ as the temporary chief administrator of Mega iPlus. He's still permanently VP, but, until i can give my full focus to the site, he will be taking over. Really, OJ is the backbone upon which the site runs. He has all the songs, and he buys most of them. My library is basically all of his songs minus the ones i don't like :/, but i digress. OJ is still nice and caring and sympathetic like me, but he's not the kind of person that engages in conversations and explains everything. Don't worry, he's not mean, but he will tell you off if you come at him incorrectly. 

I heard he bought some new songs, so there should be some new items. If i'm not mistaking, there was one from Selena and a few from the coming soon list, but I do not know for sure.

Anyhow, I may be back by the middle of June, or maybe even sooner, depending on how things go. I will try to recover as fast as possible for you guys and my son. I hope you all will understand.

Yours Truly,