A Note for Diana & Mega iPlus Renovation


I just read that post Diana made. So sad, man, makes me wonder what would happen if I lost someone special like my mom or sis... it really makes you appreciate what you have. Being Diana's friend for years, I know what it must be like for her to go through this. Sending condolences and prayers to her family....


No insensitivity intended, but, I also found out, midst all the sadness, that I'm temp CEO while Diana is on leave!!!! Woo-hoo! Since I am leader now, there will be a few changes in effect. Not detrimental, but, it's important.

1. I'm not going to be posting on the blog daily: no promises. I will post whenever I have the time to, but as far as putting the blog over my own personal stuff: not gonna happen. I'm sorry-- i have a life to live, people to see, girls to chat with, all that jazz. However, I will make sure the blog has everything it needs.

2. OK, I'm gonna be real basic and straightforward with y'all: I'm a ladies man. I'm not addicted, but I enjoy their company right up until the time my wallet begins running dry. As you can see, I have a pic of one as my profile. I'm not a porn watcher by any means, but, I do like sexy girls and all that comes with 'em. So, that being said, and given my new privileges, I will express that. I'm not going to show preference to anyone as far as human beings or race--- I like all women. Doesn't matter: African american, plan African  Mexican  white, Asian  Korean  British  whatever the case may be. I see it like this: all of them have two things in common. One: they're great lovers and companions, and two: well, now, I guess they have three things (.Y.) :)

But, to the point, the whole serene experience of the blue nights and stars--- I'm just not into that kind of thing. I know Diana is a naturalist and all, but I'm more of the kind of person that speaks what he believes, and I'm not afraid to show it, either. Therefore, here's the deal. Some people may not like risque pics of girls in their faces every time they scroll down a page, but, I say: deal with it. Yes, I'm going to put Lola Monroe as the background. For those who don't know her, she's a recording artist, model, and one sexy B!%$h! For those who do: 'nuff said.

And I won't keep it the same: one day i may have Lola, another day, Trina, maybe Selena Gomez, maybe some of them other white chicks, doesn't matter.

And finally, please do not bombard me with all of that re-upload//request stuff. I'll get what I can afford and re-upload what I have access to. Like Di lost a flash drive, I lost one as well. In fact, I lost TWO, and they are nowhere to be found, but the search still continues. 

Any questions: my email is n0bsauce@gmail.com .

Also, I'm putting a poll on whether I should change Mega iPlus's name. It's become a trademark, but, I was thinking of changing it to something more elegant, more fun, more...


And there ya go.