Embed Upload Is Awesome!

When I use Embed Upload, It helps me a lot because the files i upload get distributed to multiple file-sharing services, so if one link dies, i can simply just use another one instead of having to re-upload the file all over again. Also, i can upload files to my own accounts on the file host, so not only can i have multiple backup links, i can also have them inside my own personal accounts (just in case Embed Upload goes down and i have no access to the files). Plus, the upload speed is super fast. All you need is Flash 9.0 or higher and you can be uploading at speeds of 1 MB/S and higher. Usually, it takes me ten minutes to upload a file of 150 MB. It's so much faster than others such as Mirror Upload (I have an account there, too), which tends to take quite a while to upload; maybe it's just my internet connection, but, anyway, the point is: it's fast. Very fast. And, as i stated previously, it's convenient, because I can upload to eleven services at once, whereas Direct Mirror only allows seven. and MirrorUpload nine. So, try it today, for expedient, fast, convenient uploading at a low price. A very, very low price. It's only zero dollars and zero cents. Also known as, FREE!