I have returned.

Hey, this is Diana. Just a quick note to tell you that i, indeed, have come back.

The business trip was unexpectedly cut short, so I had to stay in a hotel in East LA for 2 days until my scheduled flight. Then, when I went ti board it, i realized i had no money for the ticket! So, unfortunately, I had to call my cousin, Tiffany, and ask her to send me some money on PayPal so i could get home!!! 

Well, I arrived at O'Hare on Monday morning, and I only had a chance to sleep on the train ride back downtown, for once i boarded the red line to where i live, there was no sleeping; it was very rowdy, to say the least. 

After arriving home, I realized i had 250 new email messages about comments being made, all by Anonymous contributors. Something tells me that all of it is computer-generated, but I'll leave them be just in case they are not. If you are real, thanks for commenting, and for commenting on over 100+ posts!

Anyway, love you guys, and, as you can see, the coming soon list looks pretty juicy. Those will be there sooner than later. I am still inquiring on new help for the site; I'll see how that works out.