Hello iPlus Lovers,

Mega iPlus stands for one thing only- to spread the word and love of music to everyone who wants to listen. Mega iPlus is for sure not the only game in town, considering the other music blogs that are popular as well, but we're different. We want to deliver things that you can't find elsewhere. THat's why our blog's nickname is "Prime Picks", but however, a lot of the things we have are already available on a lot of other sites, especially things like Rihanna, Alicia Keys, Drake, Chris Brown, 2 Chainz, Green Day, etc...

We don't want to be another blog that just rehashes/reposts the same old boring stuff. We want the things that you want, and we're trying our best to get the necessary funds to give them to you, at least at this very second, but this month things are going to change in my life and this blog for the definite better and improvement, so as long as you love me we'll still be here.

Did you catch the Justin Bieber reference? LOL

But anyways, stay strong and when we get the cash, we'll begin investing in out 4-page long shopping list. This list involves great music, from all likes of music that i, of all people, didn't hear before. it's some great stuff, plus your requests too. And if what we buy is what you want, that's a miracle; if not, we'll suit to your preference, guaranteed.

Also, remember to vote on the polls we've setup! These are crucial to the site and you guys don't have too long because we need to start fast, fast fast!

So click and vote! Your opinion counts, no matter who or what you are. You have a voice, you have a message. This site is a democracy and always will be, ran by the people. We appreciate your patronage.