New member of CTD!

Hey, this is Oj. Diana will be off for a few days so i'm taking over for that period of time. Well, we are happy to welcome our newest member of CTD, Mr. Jase! A legend in the iPlus field for 4 consecutive years, Jase has ran one of the most successful blogs in iPlus history, SoulPunk. Before SoulPunk, the unique infamous Teardrop Motel, grossing 172 members, the 5th highest at the time (March 2011). After Jase closed down Teardrop, he opened another legendary music service - SoulPunkIPlus. Listed as rank #3 in the iPLus Gods, falling behind only iPlus Store and OnlyiPlus, a innovative design, the famous "Talk That Talk" cobx and an average of 150 posts per month. Jase along with his friends Star, Mike, and Intern ran one of the most successful blogs in history. And then, it all fell down. On Friday, July 6th, 2012, SoulPunk was shut down by South African authorities, claiming it was a case of copyright infringement, even though Jase vehemently did not condone infringement. But now, Jase is a full-time member of CTD, LLC. I asked him, of course, but he is willing to work for us as a contributor, which we are very happy to have him here. Get ready for more exclusive content from the library of Jase! And REMEMBER, these files are not being used to infringe copyright, this music is to be used for personal purposes (e.g. Storage, Sampling, Educational/Purposes) if a file is infringing it will be removed. Thanks Jase for joining our community. As members of the blog we expect you to welcome him and treat him with the same respect that you have shown me and Diana. Thank you.