Change In Filehost Provider, and some Good Good GOOD News!

Good Morning fellow bloggers! Seems as if we've had overnight success on the site! Literally, from 502 pageviews to 900+... it's a miracle! Also in good news, we've been added to the iTunes RSS feed! I love the iTunes RSS because it exposes new blogs and their excellent material! We have added just about all the iPlus blogs that we have seen, also a couple of mp3 ones, the blogs that i use frequently to download mp3 items for my own personal use (mixtapes, films, etc.) I would let you all use them but mp3 items are really not allowed here (there are a few on here, but we try to stick to iTunes Plus) and the items i download are ripped from CDs and those are 320kbps, not 256 kbps.

Also, we are having a switch in filehost providers. We are no longer using UploadMirrors or DirectMirror, and we will rarely use MirrorUpload and MirrorStack. We have now switched to DropBox, a site that allows fast downloading (the express links we've mentioned earlier) and Uplly, a site that pays us for each download of a file. The more money we have, the more content we can get so we may upload new content. Be sure to share the blog and donate to help us achieve our future goals. Anyway, be sure to type in the chatbox, special thanks to Sound Funky and iTunes RSS for adding us, and to all of your for visiting us, and to God, for making all of this possible. Keep on downloading!