Blog Update 7/13/2012

Hey, this is your friend Diana here, just letting you know (if you don't already know) times are really tough out here, i'm still unemployed and searching for work, and i still make time to work on the blog. I do the blog because it gives me a feeling of enjoyment and satisfaction knowing that someone, somewhere was helped out by just the existence of my site. We're still working on connections, partnerships, fb/twttr pages, etc. to keep the blog moving. So far no one has typed in the cbox, which i am asking you to do because paying for a premium cbox every month and it sitting vacant is a waste of money. You don't have to start a conversation, just leave a thanks or if you have a question, please don't be afraid to ask! I'm not some online predator who stalks your email and goes and invades your privacy. I would never do that, and even if i were, i wouldn't have time to do that AND look for work AND work on the blog AND do my other work. I'm just a girl with only one friend (Oj) living in a house all by myself. Oj, on the other hand, has lots of friends. He is trying to gain even more and make connections so we can have more items on the site. So far, we haven' had any complaints, which is good, we'd like to keep it that way. No donations yet, please consider donating $3 to us, for all the hard work we put in to doing the blog. Especially Oj. Although you may not see his work on the blog a lot, this is because he is busy with other stuff regarding the blog. I work on the outside, he works on the inside. So basically we share duties of the blog. But we would REALLY appreciate it if you have Untouched iMusic you have, so we can allow others to borrow it, to email me ( containing any job applications or content you would like to share. Content sharers will be put in highest priority of music requests. Right now, we are accepting no requests until we get some income for the blog, which will be in the next 2 to 3 weeks. There is a maximum of 1 request per person per 2 weeks, and it must cost less than $10. Meaning either one $9.99 album or a collection of singles/eps less than $10. Requests are only open when i specify, they are not open 24/7. However, you may leave suggestions for future uploads (which is really the meaning of request) in the chat box. See, look, yet another opportunity to type in the chat box. Also, if you like the site, you can leave a shout out where? In the chat box! Right! So anyway, that's that, before i go i want to let you know about the poll on the right hand side. It asks you who's discography you would like to see next. So far, 2 have voted for G. Albright, but i really don't know if i can do him right away, i have a lot of other uploads to do, i still have not uploaded Toni Braxton. And also, G. Albright discog is Mp3 HQ 320kbps, not iTunes Plus. I'm going to specify that in the poll. So if you were thinking about his iTunes discography, i hope i didn't disappoint you. i have TLC (my all-time favorite group) and Rye Rye already uploaded in draft, however there are problems. There is an album missing from both of them. To see which, visit the "Needed Items" portion. If you have the iPlus version of any one of the albums, please send us a mail containing the link. We promise, we will NOT share your link. We will download it, un-package and re-package it, then upload it separately. We will credit you for contributing, always. To see what "iPlus" means and to determine if your copy fits the requirements, visit "What Is Untouched?" on the page bar at the top. Happy borrowing!

-Diana & Oj