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Jill Scott - Who Is Jill Scott? Words And Sounds Vol 1 (iTunes Version) (July Exclusive)

Artist: Jill Scott
Album: Who Is Jill Scott? Words And Sounds Vol 1
Format: itunes aac m4a

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Song TitleArtistTimePrice
Play  1. JilltroJill Scott1:03$0.99Buy Track  - Jilltro
Play  2. Do You RememberJill Scott4:43$0.99Buy Track  - Do You Remember
Play  3. ExclusivelyJill Scott2:05$0.99Buy Track  - Exclusively
Play  4. Gettin' In The WayJill Scott3:56$0.99Buy Track  - Gettin' In The Way
Play  5. A Long WalkJill Scott4:41$0.99Buy Track  - A Long Walk
Play  6. I Think It's BetterJill Scott1:42$0.99Buy Track  - I Think It's Better
Play  7. He Loves Me (Lyzel In E Flat)Jill Scott4:45$0.99Buy Track  - He Loves Me (Lyzel In E Flat)
Play  8. It's LoveJill Scott5:54$0.99Buy Track  - It's Love
Play  9. The WayJill Scott4:15$0.99Buy Track  - The Way
Play10. Honey MolassesJill Scott2:41$0.99Buy Track  - Honey Molasses
Play11. Love RainJill Scott4:12$0.99Buy Track  - Love Rain
Play12. The Roots (Interlude)Jill Scott0:57$0.99Buy Track  - The Roots (Interlude)
Play13. Slowly SurelyJill Scott4:35$0.99Buy Track  - Slowly Surely
Play14. One Is The Magic #Jill Scott3:49$0.99Buy Track  - One Is The Magic #
Play15. Watching MeJill Scott3:48$0.99Buy Track  - Watching Me
Play16. BrothaJill Scott3:27$0.99Buy Track  - Brotha
Play17. Show MeJill Scott4:08$0.99Buy Track  - Show Me
Play18. TryJill Scott4:02$0.99Buy Track  - Try

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