Important News!

Hey guys, this is Diana. I will be sad to inform you that i will be gone the whole day tomorrow, i have a business trip at 5 am that i won't be back from until either 11 am or 12pm, and i also have some other things outside of the blog i have to get accomplished. So i will upload and post as much as i can today, hopefully it will make up for two days. Also i will be sad to inform you Jonah is leaving us, he has decided he is going to quit blogging altogether and become a professional biker...  but of course this is his choice, i'm happy for him either way. Me and Oj can take care of this thing. I will just have to advertise the blog by myself, maybe some of my facebook friends can view it. But you can also help spread the blog by telling your friends on facebook and twitter, or just telling people in conversations. We are working on getting fb/twitter pages, we have been so busy with other things. We haven't even received any job applications lately, but it's fine. Time will tell. Anyway, have fun downloading and remember email for any dead links that need to be reposted, questions, comments, suggestions, compliments (send lots of those) and applications to work for us. For details, see the "Job Opportunities" post located at the top of the blog above the regular posts. Thanks for visiting!

Diana & Oj