Getting New Gift Card Today!

The team and i have finally decided to get a $25 gift card, a general one that allows us to purchase from both amazon and itunes. I guess Jonah is smarter than what we thought he was...

But anyway, read our "Upcoming material for the month of July" post to see future uploads for next month. We're trying to make our material as exclusive as possible, we have a lot of competition. But don't worry, we'll definitely be working our way to the top, but we still need your help. Donations, tips, suggestions, compliments, testimonials, anything will help our blog right around now. And basically any form of content is accepted on the blog (preferably itunes plus, which is what we will try to stick to) but we do have a strict no FLAC/.CUE files. They are too large and not compatible with almost ANY basic audio player or audio software. So what we're saying is mp3, m4a, or m4v only. Thanks!

Diana, Oj, and Jonah